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Our Family Room Focal Art Is Actually Our TV: The Samsung Art Store And How It Works

Six years ago I helped launch the Samsung Frame TV with quite possibly the most epic and creatively rewarding partnerships to date – four extravagant makeovers (a 100-year-old barn, a vintage greenhouse, a huge boathouse, and a floating barge). They still hold up and I’m still really proud of them (shout out to Brady Tolbert for being with me in New York for three weeks executing these extreme makeovers!). This product, as you know, revolutionized the TV in the home and I’m not just saying that as their former spokesperson – but as a mom, designer, and human being who is very particular about the style of tech she brings into her home. Before The Frame, we would have to design around our precious black boxes, but now we can design with them since our Art-looking TVs seamlessly enhance our room designs.

Well, good news – since that partnership six years ago these TVs, like all worthwhile tech, have only gotten better. The Frame continues to be the only TV I buy or recommend because it looks so darn good in a room (and obviously, has access to all the streaming services that we would ever need and more). The TV is very thin and sits flat against the wall like a piece of art and there are far more bezel options (sold separately) than there used to be (aka “the frame” of “The Frame”). Samsung sells many beautiful bezels and there are also third-party ones (such as the one featured here, from Deco TV Fames), so the sky is the limit in terms of design. The display art options are also incredible and growing. It’s a no-brainer decision for me (unlike most other design dilemmas) and one that I’m incredibly grateful for.

The Curated Art Selection

The whole thing about this TV, the reason to buy it, is that it looks like a piece of art, but unlike a traditional piece of art, this one you can digitally change with just a few clicks on your remote. The Samsung Art Store team has partnered with so many artists, galleries, and museums to curate collections that span so many different styles, colors, mediums, and my favorite part – many emerging artists. So today, we are giving you a peek into our family/media room to show you not only the expansive collection but also what a difference changing the art on your TV can make to your room, lifestyle, (and mood).

How Does It Work?

In order to access the expansive curated collection of over 2,000 pieces of art, you can subscribe for $4.99/month or $49.90/year so that you can change your art as much as youโ€™d like (which as a decorator and mom is very fun).

Using the remote, you can search and then choose by artist, genre, medium, SEASON (that’s right), or style. The kids love doing it as well and while I don’t always agree with their choices (ahem) I feel like it’s actually a great way for them to get “screentime” and learn about the power of art and color. You can also set up a slideshow to rotate images automatically.

One Room, Three Ways

Today I’m going to show you our family room with three different styles of art (and coordinated styling) to give you a sense of what the art could do for your room. As you know I love every single style (leaning always vintage and happy) and I generally lean toward the architectural style of the home. So while this house is more Scandi farmhouse (both minimal and traditional), I thought it would be fun to play around to show you what your possibilities are, stylistically.

Style #1: Classic/Traditional – Many Of “The Greats”

While the Winslow Homer seascape in the opener photo is our favorite for every day (and works so well with the seascape wall behind the sofa) I love so many of their other classic/traditional paintings as well like this one by Caspar David Friedrich from the Berlin State Museum. Samsung’s Art Store has also partnered with The Met so you have access to many of the classics and not just the ones we’ve seen a billion times, a lot of more contemporary or unexpected pieces and artists. Our kids recognize many of them from their art class which makes us all feel good/proud (healthy screentime FTW).

Style #2: Eclectic/Bohemian

This was such a fun opportunity for me to dive into my prop house and play around with colors and styles (and no, you don’t need to do this – it’s just an exercise to show you the possibilities no matter what your style is). This beautiful piece of art by Kim Keever is wild and fun (Elliot LOVES it) and brought in so many colors that I love into the room. It’s like trying on different outfits for different occasions. When you have the subscription service you can change it daily if you want, literally. Our kids are not impressed with my more subdued art taste these days so they immediately change it to something really funky/weird/wild which I appreciate (and don’t battle).

Style #3: Contemporary/Modern

The modern, post-modern, and contemporary art collections in the gallery are sooo good and frankly educational. It’s a peek into a world that I don’t know too much about but is so closely linked to contemporary design. This awesome piece is by Kโ€™era Morgan in case you were curious:) I can’t tell which one I love more, honestly (Probably the Bohemian because it’s so not what I typically am these days).

The Samsung Art Store is super easy to navigate, select, and display. The curation is excellent – fresh and extremely tasteful – it doesn’t feel like stock imagery you could find anywhere. I had no idea the breadth of how the Art Store has evolved until I started playing around and it was super inspiring. They even curate for seasons and not in a cheesy “illustrations of Frosty the Snowman” kind of way, but more in ethereal winter art and yes, some that feel more festive and celebratory. The team behind the art selection and curation is super impressive and they care about making sure that it has a really diverse variety with a lot of independent artists.

But of course, you can still watch TV on your TV should you prefer normal screen time. With just a few clicks it goes from art to, say, the EHD YouTube channel ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks to Samsung for inventing The Frame and to the Art Store for taking what the TV is displaying to the next level. Click here to buy The Frame at!

This post is a sponsored partnership with The Samsung Art Store, but as you can tell all the opinions and words are my own.

*Art Store Art in Opening Image: “Northeaster” by Winslow Homer from The Metropolitan Museum of Art
**Styled by Emily Henderson (me)
***Photos by
Kaitlin Green

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2 hours ago

I’ve been over here patiently waiting for more makeovers like the barn, greenhouse, barge, etc. They were so exuberant, joyful and endlessly creative. Love the energy and dimension you’ve brought to your TV room through art.

jennifer T - oregon
2 hours ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Frame TV- This art is stunning… where is the mustard strip long pillow from? adorable

2 hours ago

When it is on art mode, is it โ€œglowyโ€? Like, will it light up the room like a TV being on?

1 hour ago
Reply to  Julie

It’s a little glowy – dimmer than when it’s on, but more than a regular painting ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you can adjust the brightness.

13 minutes ago
Reply to  Julie

It all depends on the lighting in your room ๐Ÿ™‚ The more natural light you have, the less glowy it looks. The one in our living room gets a ton of natural light and it looks completely matte during the daylight hours. It’s so impressive! (More glowy at night, of course.) We’ve definitely had a lot of visitors “fooled” by it! One other thing: the bigger the Frame TV, the more obvious of a TV it becomes, if that makes sense. We had one 50″ which looked like a piece of art with a nice mat hung on the wall. We’ve since upgraded to 75″ and there’s really no hiding that it’s a TV โ€” because it would be an absurdly large art piece, you know? But it is still so flat and gorgeous and I love to update the photos for the kids!

๐Ÿฅฐ Rusty
2 hours ago

I especially love the new physical frames for the TVs. A deco one would suit my old house to a tee.
Kim Keever’s – abstract works – are so fluid and embrace so much movement in their texture, form, colour and value. They almost have a life force to their abstract elements. However, they do not fit the ‘bohemian’ art genre, (e.g., think Justina Blakeney for true bohemian genre).
K’era Morgan’s – mixed media works – are energising, too. The colour combinations of the contemporary works could work in almost any style of design.
I really see your vision for the TV/family room here and it’s so very good.

1 hour ago

Curious if you considered placing the TV a bit higher to help โ€œsellโ€ the illusion?

1 hour ago

Can you load your own images? Can you set it up to cycle through a batch of photos (like a photo frame or a screen saver that draws from an image folder)? It just might be time to upgrade our TV ๐Ÿ˜„

51 minutes ago

My biggest question about the Frame TV is: when the art is “on,” does the screen glow? Like, does it look like you have just art hanging on your wall, or like you have a big computer screen with a photo of art on it? For example, if the lights are off in the room, does a glow come off the art on the Frame screen?

15 minutes ago

How is it to actually watch TV on them? I keep hearing about the art experience and how amazing it is. But does it live up to other TV’s in that price category for watching shows? I have one in my cart for our bedroom, but my husband is not convinced that the TV part of it will be any good…help me sell him ๐Ÿ™‚

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