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Silver Lake Hills Master Bath Intro

Hey all, it’s Ginny here with a sneak peek intro to a bathroom project we’ve been working on at the Silver Lake Hills Home. For those who are new to the blog/this project I’ve added a few after photos (below) of what EHD has done in their house so far, to give you an idea of what the rest of the space looks like.


This is their master bedroom which Emily and Orlando worked on eons ago but still looks so good today. They’ve hardly changed a thing in here and this dresser vignette is always a go-to one of mine when styling out dressers. The new bathroom is going to be the en-suite for this room which you’ll see from the photos below. They currently have one bathroom between the family of 4 (and their kid’s are now teenagers), so they loved the idea of not having to fight for the shower first thing in the morning (and we agree).


We completed their kitchen last year and it makes me so happy looking at the photos. They love bold color and pattern so we really “went for it” in here with the floor tile.


The office turned guest room is another Emily & Orlando project starring the cutest, most sweetest puppy ever (aside from my own two of course).


The wallpaper in their dining room has been discontinued which is such a shame because we get questions about it all the time – it’s such a classic.


Their family room also got a little make-over too. It’s so bright and sunny it’s no wonder the kids like to hang out in here.



Emily & Orlando designed their boy’s bedroom and tween girl bedroom (below) and both rooms still feel age appropriate for them even 4 years later.



Around the time we were working on their kitchen we gave their formal living room a revamp to make it feel more family friendly and a place they’d want to hang out in.

Once we finish up this new bathroom and their closets we’ll have collectively done most of the rooms in this house. That actually makes me really quite sad because we have loved working with them and hope they’ll think of another project for us to work on, otherwise they might come home one day to find me on the sofa with the pups.

F:LoreyLorey 10 26 16.dwg Model (1)

So to get back into the nuts and bolts of the bathroom so to speak. They wanted to add an en-suite to their master bedroom and the only way to do this was to build into their existing closet and crawl space under the house. (The house is upside-down with the bedrooms below the living spaces).  So we were essentially building two new rooms completely from scratch.


Their house is late 1930’s and the bedroom has a slight regency style to it, so we wanted to fuse that with a traditional/deco vibe so that the flow would be cohesive. Our first thing was to add a really special floor tile in here so we worked with New Ravenna who have some stunning marble mosaics. The space is fairly petite (for a master bathroom) so along with the decorative floor tile we wanted to add some interesting detail to the wall and loved the idea of adding moulding. In order to get extra light in there, we proposed adding one large mirror above the vanity which will give the illusion of the room being more spacious and reflect light.


Wall/Molding ColorPendant | Hand Towel Holder | Faucet | Subway Tile | Shower Set | Floor Tile | Custom Vanity Color | Vanity | Marble Counter TopToilet

We pulled together two mood board options showing our direction. The first – our preferred – shows a custom colored vanity (the one pictured is off the shelf, I just changed the color to give a visual to the client) with the wall in a tonal grey. The marble flooring could not be more perfect for our client’s style, it’s like it was personally made for them. By doing a custom vanity it would give us the option to source beautiful stone for the countertop and backsplash. We proposed polished chrome plumbing fixtures since that’s what they have in their other bathroom and powder room. They have a slight bevel / hex shape to them which spoke to the pattern detail in the flooring.


Wall/Molding Color (similar) | Pendant | Hand Towel Holder | Faucet | Subway TileShower Set | Toilet Paper Holder  | Vanity | Floor Tile | Marble Counter TopToilet

The second option shows an off the shelf vanity in white with the walls being painted in the blue color. The upside of this is that it would be cheaper than custom, but being that most pre-made vanities come in standard sizes it would be slightly smaller than our given wall dimensions. Another downside is that they only come in certain colors, usually black, white or grey and then some do come in wood finishes. We’ve used pre-made ones before and for an affordable solution they really are great. One way to spruce them up is to switch out the hardware for a slightly more custom look. For both options we proposed a simple white subway for the shower walls, that would help to keep the costs in check and let that lovely floor tile be the star of the show.

Cost comparison:

  • Custom cost of the vanity $2280 (install included) plus $1065 for the stone. Total $3345. That does not include cost for fabrication and installation of the stone as that was included in the overall construction cost.
  • Off the shelf vanity total $1400. That does not include the cost of installation but does include the stone.


After presenting the mood boards to them they decided on a custom vanity, mainly because they would benefit from it being slightly bigger and allow them to do a custom color. They initially wanted a double sink but due to the space restrictions we opted for a larger single basin. That way they get a decent sized sink as well as a good amount of countertop space. We proposed adding moulding to the front of the drawers and doors (sneak peek below) and have the whole thing sit on legs (as opposed to a base plinth) so that it feels more like a custom piece of furniture.


This is my crude sketch that we gave them to work off. The carpenters use this as a guide to create their own working drawings that are more accurate and something for us to approve before they constructed.


I drew up some elevations to show what we are thinking for the moulding on the walls, and especially how we treat the vanity wall (in case anyone notices, this was drawn up before we decided on the custom vanity route). There is still talk of adding a window above the mirror but they want to wait and see how it feels in there before doing so. It could be a costly decision that isn’t really necessary. From an aesthetics point of view we think it will look best without, but also understand the desire for natural light in a bathroom.


The left doorway (above) was their existing master closet entrance that is now being used to access the bathroom. The mirrored door (on the right) is their original closet door that they are reusing for the new closet. We got a vintage 1920’s door for the new bathroom that is almost identical to the closet door (without the mirror). We just have to decide on hardware for that next.


Probably the most boring, unattractive progress shot but interior design isn’t always that glamourous. Side note: I actually love this part of the job. Double side note: Can you see the mistake in photo #1? Plumbing? The contractor somehow forgot we were only doing 1 sink so installed the plumbing for two. Oops, luckily an easy fix.


And this is where we’re at as of yesterday. Tile is in, vanity is in. We have the stone being installed today and the painters are on site. The plumbing and electrical will be getting installed this week too so we’re almost there. If you hadn’t already guessed it, the space left open in the wall tile is for a stone corner bench. It won’t be long until this space it finished and we can shoot and post it for your eyes to feast on. I think this on is going to be a good one!

I’m sure some of you are dying to know how much this renovation cost. Other than materials we didn’t actually get involved with estimates for the construction, that was something between the client and contractor. With our client’s permission I will gladly explain the costs in depth in the final reveal.

What do you think so far? Let us know if you have any questions about the space or the process in general.

For more of the Silver Lake Hills Home: Master Bath Reveal | Living Room | Living Room Progress | Kitchen Reveal | Guest Room | Office Turned Guest Room | Master Bedroom | Boys Room | Tween Bedroom

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6 years ago

Love this! So nice to see this gorgeous house again. Looking forward to the reveal!

6 years ago

Have you ever used Velux SunTunnels before? They are highly reflective tubes that allow natural light. If this bath is on the upper floor or if it’s a one-story house, might be a worth a look. We have one in volume ceiling over stairwell and the upstairs bath and love them.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sam

she says in the post the house is ‘upside down’ – i.e. this bedroom is on the bottom floor…

6 years ago

The floor tile and vanity color are gorgeous together. Are you still doing furniture legs on the vanity?

6 years ago

That bathroom floor tile is really sharp!

6 years ago

LOVE this house – it’s one of my favorites from your portfolio. That floor is gorgeous.
We added a kids’ bathroom a few years ago, and our custom-built vanity is nearly identical to your sketch! (But ours does have two small sinks because we knew that three kids + one sink = somebody getting toothpaste spit on them at some point.) Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

6 years ago
Reply to  Megs

I love this house too!!! It has a nice dose of color and feels lived in and happy. I also think the mixing of styles will make it last a bit longer than designs that are heavily midcentury. And I just love the girl’s room so much. I am 35 but I still sorta want that bedroom!

Sarah D.
6 years ago

Did I miss the before pic? Love the custom vanity color. It must be so fun for you ladies to draw an idea and then, viola, it’s fabricated and installed! Very cool.

Sarah D.
6 years ago
Reply to  Sarah D.

?‍♀️…It’s a new build…got it!

6 years ago

Emily, we’re planning to renovate our bathroom, so I’ve been re-reading all your bathroom renovation entries like I don’t have a day job. The contractor says all our (i.e. yours) ideas are gorgeous. Requests: 1) can you do a round-up of mosaic tile options for showers?
2) I looked at every single vanity you posted, but our bathroom sink cannot have a depth of more than 18.5 inches (1940s house), so 99% of those you posted are not options.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sasha

Hi Sasha! I’m definitely no Emily (or team) but the standard depth for a bathroom vanity is 21″ so most off the shelf vanities will be too big for your space. However, if a vanity doesn’t come with a top, there’s always the option of cutting the back off by 3-4″ (leaving space for the overhang of the countertop). That way its not a completely custom piece price wise but will hopefully still be what you’re looking for and fit! Good luck!

6 years ago
Reply to  Sasha

Hi! We ran into a similar space issue during our bathroom remodels. We ended up going with Ikea because they seemed to have the best selection of narrower vanities. Then, we ordered our drawer fronts from Semi-Handmade to make the pieces feel a little less “Ikea”.

6 years ago
Reply to  piperlou

Beautiful! This bathroom is exactly what my hubby and I were planning to do with our master bathroom next year, except use faux wood tile for the floors for warmth. Also because that much pattern would make him crazy.
Thank you for posting this. Our downstairs half bath is about to get a renovation and I have been looking everywhere for a tiny vanity that is cheap but doesn’t look it. Haha, not so easy to do. Never thought of ikea. We had custom doors made for our kitchen so I could do exactly what you suggested.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sasha

We had to go with something from Wayfair…which worked out great because I could search by dimensions. All the properly sized ones at big box stores were ugly. But Wayfair had some classy looking options.

Love the floor tile! For the custom vs. off the shelf vanity debate, is there a reason painting an off the shelf vanity wasn’t considered? If you found a vanity that was the perfect size, you could paint it any custom color you want. You could probably add decorative moulding, too. For anyone out there who loves a custom look but has an off the shelf budget.

6 years ago

Hey Michelle, Yes we did consider that. A lot of the pre-made vanities tend to have a laminate finish so there would be prep work involved in sanding it down so that the paint would take. It’s totally doable but the time and labour costs in getting it to have a professional look would be costly. We also have to factor in our fee/time too since we’d have to arrange the off the shelf vanity to be taken to our refinisher, inspecting, delivery costs etc. and that time adds up fast. For someone who is up for a DIY and isn’t using a designer I think it’s totally doable. This could actually be a fun test for us to do on the blog… maybe in Emily’s guest bathroom 🙂 xXx

6 years ago

Beautiful vanity and tile!

6 years ago

I would give body parts for this bathroom. Love love love. The vanity reminds me of a custom piece I had made last year for our record player and records by Mi Vida Vintage in LA. If you haven’t heard of them, you should check them out — especially since they’re in your hood!


6 years ago

many thanks

6 years ago

I love that blue vanity! It’s gorgeous!


6 years ago

Ginny, I’m literally in love with the floor tiles!! I’ve zoomed and enlarged and still can’t tell what color they are, blue, black, or grey? Thanks!

6 years ago

Hi, can you please add the cost of the tile? I can’t find their pricing on the website, but I’m sure it’s super expensive. Gorgeous and can’t wait for the reveal!

6 years ago

Love this bathroom! Planning my own (small) master bath reno and hoping to borrow many of your ideas. I love the fixtures… but they’re so pricey! Have you seen any similar styles with a smaller price tag? Or is that really not a place to skimp (don’t want to run into quality issues!) Would love a round up of bath fixtures!

6 years ago
Reply to  Justine

Thanks! We actually have done a few bathroom fixture roundups before, they might have something that could work for you:

6 years ago

The floor tile is beyond bonkers, and I mean that in a good way! This bathroom is going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Every room in this house is so good!!

6 years ago

Love it! Would you be willing to tell me what program you use for your mood boards? Thanks!

6 years ago

This is really lovely. Wonderful design that is not “cookie cutter”. An off-topic question for you: Have you ever done a post regarding lamps? Specifically what kind (shape, fabric, size) of shades go with different types/colors of lamps? Is there a formula for size and where it should sit on the harp?

Samuel Dell
6 years ago

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6 years ago

I forgot about this house. Always loved that dining room. That bathroom tile is A+. Looking forward to the reveal!

6 years ago

The house looks great! I would be SO interested in seeing “normal day in the life” shots alongside the “staged and gorgeous for the blog” shots. How do they keep up with it after you’ve designed the heck out of it?

6 years ago

Absolutely love it! That floor is amazing!!

6 years ago

I love this house too!!! It has a nice dose of color and feels lived in and happy. I also think the mixing of styles will make it last a bit longer than designs that are heavily midcentury. And I just love the girl’s room so much. I am 35 but I still sorta want that bedroom!