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The Link Up: Em’s New Larger Purse, Arlyn’s Perfect Bathroom Hand Towel, And A GRIPPING Podcast Episode

Happy Sunday everyone! In our little blog world, it’s been a HUGE week. We started with Mallory’s amazing MOTO studio apartment reveal, then we launched our FIRST LINE EVER with Rugs USA (please go check it out and if you haven’t read the post of why now? Head here!), and ended with Emily’s holiday gift guide. See? HUGE!!! Again, if you missed any of those posts go check them out, and if you already know everything, here are this week’s links:)

Naturally, we put together a little YouTube video for the rug line! It’s really fun so please go watch it!

This week’s house tour makes our design souls ache it’s so good. But then again, it was designed by the Jordan Ferney…no surprise there. So despite the tall loft ceilings, a kitchen that will blow your socks off, and a playful yet not overwhelmed overall aesthetic, there is a big ole twist you will just have to go read. GO NOW!

From Emily: I obviously had to taste test some pieces before I did my gift guide (did you see it?) and this bag from Madewell is such a pretty color (green feels like a neutral often to me since I wear a lot of blue and neutrals). What I love is that it has a flat bottom so it sits (I know that people are against putting their bags down on the floor, but IF you do it’s nice that it doesn’t spill over). It holds a laptop (and paint deck) easily and has zero pretension – just a simple green leather and nice strap detailing. As a non-fancy bag owner (we all have our things but handbags aren’t really mine) I like to splurge elsewhere but want things to last, so this bag and price point works for me (it’s on sale down from $160 to $120 right now). I also love the silver magazine bag, BTW if that’s more your jam.

From Jess: While I’m sure my regular leather boots would hold up fine to the London rain, I wanted to see if I could find a cool and affordable rain boot (because my heart still wants Em’s Sorel ones but my wallet says no). SPOILER I succeeded! I found these sick lug sole Jeffery Campbell rain boots for $34 (Yes! $34) that I’m pumped about!! Happy to know that at least my feet will stay dry:)

Diwali is a week away! So if you’re in need of some budget-friendly (and beautiful) decor ideas then stylist, Hina has you covered. She wrote this beautiful post a couple of years ago but the ideas are timeless! Go check it out even if you don’t celebrate because it’s really pretty and you might learn something:)

From Arlyn: What’s that saying…those who can’t, teach? Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? None of these are right…how about “Always a design writer, never a designer who puts a real towel in her powder bathroom.” Yeah, rolls *right* off the tongue, doesn’t it? So, as my newly coined saying goes, I was that person who couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and bring down a hand towel for our powder bathroom after my darling husband put a kitchen towel on the ring instead. Anyhow, one day the other week, I put in a pick-up order for diapers for my girl and decided to throw this minty green Casaluna waffle hand towel in, too. I LOVE IT! It’s interesting, very absorbent, and hangs great no matter if it’s folded just so or you just throw it up on a ring or bar. l just might pick up a few more to have on hand during laundry day. 

From Mallory: Love the slouchy pant look but hate when it makes the peach look flat?? Then you need THESE. They’re silky and soft and are so good that I bought them in the black and the creamy blush color. Plus they’re SO incredibly affordable…I literally live in them because they feel like PJs but simultaneously give the wearer a juicy-looking behind if that is your thing!! ENJOY!

From Caitlin: I am OBSESSED with this episode of The Journal, which follows an antiques dealer who discovers he’s been buying stolen historical jewels from the British Museum on eBay. (The irony is not lost on me.) It’s a quick listen – under 20 minutes – and really well-told! (I also love their daily coverage of the SBF trial, called ‘The Trial of Crypto’s Golden Boy,’ if you’re looking for an easy way to stay up-to-date with that case.) Anyway – The Journal covers everything from Greco-Roman jewels to cryptocurrency fraud and they do it in a quick, engaging way! Highly recommend.

From Gretchen: I have been a fan of the Wet Brush for years now. My hair, though straight as an arrow, gets tangled and matted (read: rat’s nest) if I just look at it wrong. And while this original detangler brush has been my saving grace, I recently decided to kick it up a notch after trying my hairdresser’s EPIC Wet Brush. This thing is genuinely EPIC! It’s super flexible, as gentle as the original, and contours to my head in a way that makes brushing my hair feel more like a scalp massage. I think it’ll make a great gift for the holidays, too! Mom, pretend you didn’t read that.

As always, thank you for stopping by and please go check out our rugs and the walkthrough video!! We are truly so proud of them and hope that if you are shopping for a rug, you will find one that is perfect for your home. xx

Opening Image Credits: Styled by Getteline Rene | Photo by Mark Weinberg | From: It’s Here! Our First EHD Rug Line With Rugs USA (+ Why Now? And Why This?)

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5 days ago

Just want to say, I ordered the 3×5 Oregon for an oddly square guest bathroom in our basement and it came literally the next day, and looks great! I wouldn’t usually put wool in a bathroom, but this one isn’t used for showering often and actually, wool can stand up to more than we usually assume. Very happy with it.

Edie B.
1 day ago

Hello. You didn’t provide a promo code and Madewell’s site does not currently list the Transport Bucket bag (color, forest) on sale. I’d been eyeing this bag for a while, so was excited to read that it had been discounted. I’ve also confirmed w/a Madewll CS rep that it’s not on sale. However, the color Vintage Parchment is on sale for $124.99. Thought you’d want to know. Thanks.

1 day ago
Reply to  Edie B.

sorry you missed it – it was a sitewide sale that ended on sunday! should be going on sale again soon, though 🙂

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