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Sara’s COZY Primary Bedroom Reveal (+ Plus A VERY Sweet Added Bonus)

I’ll start this post by confirming what some of you have guessed – yes, I am having a baby. We are literally on “baby watch” right now. At the time of writing this post, his due date is tomorrow. So fingers crossed, by the time you’re all reading this, we’re changing diapers and losing sleep.

But this is exactly the reason I needed to make our primary bedroom the cozy, fairytale of my dreams. I know a lot of people find joy in decorating a nursery. But as a self-preservation type 1 (IYKYK), the truth is he is going to be bunking with us for a while. And I’m going to be spending a lot of time in this room. The kid’s room will come later.

The bedroom started off as a whole different beast – the entrance to the room was through the kitchen (now our closet), and where the door is now, that used to be a closet.

We spent a lot of time tearing that part of the house up, moving things around, and crafting a better floor plan. All with the help of my dad, of course.

It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to look through old pictures of us working on this house. It also gives me momentary flashbacks of how miserable it was. It was so dirty, cold, and relentless. We’ve been working on this house since October 2018, and now that we’re finally reaching a point where we’ve touched every inch of the house (front bathroom reveal coming your way SOON), it’s almost stressful to look back at where we started, knowing how long it’s taken. 

I’M NOT UNGRATEFUL, WE’RE SO LUCKY, I’M JUST TIRED. But let’s back up one last time before jumping to the reveal.

After demo and renovation, this is what it looked like:

styled by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to design your bedroom for the best night sleep (+ introducing target’s new casaluna line)

I didn’t really have time or energy back then to “design” the space, so we just went white and neutral. It gets great morning light, but dark pretty much after 11 am, so I figured keeping it light and airy would help the space.

We styled it out for a Target post back in 2020, and I kept it pretty much set as it was for this shoot until we decided it was time to turn it into our (my) dream bedroom. It had some really cute elements like that custom headboard Emily Bowser and my brother made. And we really loved the functionality of the blackout Roman shades. 

But as I really began to develop a sense of what I wanted this house to feel like, this room started feeling washed out and didn’t make me feel happy to be in. These past few years I’ve been heavily influenced by designers like Heidi Caillier, and trips to New Orleans, Guatemala, Italy, France, and Scotland.

During our Honeymoon, we stayed in a hotel in Sicily where the entire room had been a 17th-century ballroom, and it was muraled floor to ceiling (top right, second in). It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. These are a few of my less-than-professional iPhone pics of some of the spaces that made my jaw drop while traveling over the past few years. It’s all left me craving pattern, color, warmth, and a little bit of mood. So that’s the direction we went with this bedroom.

Wallpaper | Pendant Light Kit | Lampshade Fabric | Bedframe | Dark Teal Quilt | Bronze Printed Quilt | Bronze Quilt Shams | Woven Floral Throw Pillow | Underbed Storage | Rug

So much of this bedroom is “me” right now. I’m sure in a few years it will feel like a time capsule of where I was stylistically. But at the same time, I’m hoping that some of the features – like the block-painted wallpaper from Sandberg, or the elegant and simple walnut bed frame from Article – will stand against the trends of time.

Woven Roman Shades | Drapes | Curtain Rod

I had really been hoping to photograph this room on a bright sunny day, so I could show you how pretty the dappled light is coming through our windows at 9 am. California had different plans, and even though every single other day the week of the shoot had been sunny and blue skies, this particular day was overcast. But Bowser (who was styling) was about to leave for Spain, and I was/am about to have a baby, so we decided to lean into the moody vibez and give you the dark, jewel-box version of this space.

Wallpapering the space had always been the vision. Choosing which wallpaper we’d commit to was the harder part, but we fell in love with this intricate pattern called Linnea (in “Midnight”) from Sandberg Wallpaper in Sweden, designed by Karolina Kroon. I loved the colors, and Macauley loved the depth the design of the paper had. The wallpaper is really the star of this room and sets the tone for every other piece we brought in. It’s beautifully block-printed with real paint, and even the wallpaper installers commented on how lovely it was to work with. His exact quote was “if you’re paying for wallpaper to be installed, it might as well be for something as nice as this.” I ended up color-matching the trim and ceiling color to one of leaf tones from the paper, for a unified look.

Next up were the bigger pieces of furniture in the room. With a baby on the way, and no magical addition of space to our home, it was important that every piece of furniture in the room function well. That’s why we chose the Linea bed, in Walnut, from Article.

Not only is it the perfect simple shape to both stand up against the wallpaper, while not adding more insanity to the space – it also has under-bed storage options, which we were desperate for. Under this king-size bed fit four freestanding drawers, which is now where we can store all our linens and towels. Freeing up much-needed space in the closet.

Our nightstands are second-hand Target pieces I found on eBay. I had been eyeing them for a while but waited too long to buy them in-store. I thought I was out of luck until I spent way too long one day deep-diving nightstands to try and find a dupe or something equally appealing. Lo and behold, someone was looking for a new home for the exact nightstands I’d been craving. I didn’t want all the furniture in the room to be matching tones of wood, so having black nightstands felt like the right move. And the gold hardware is perfect.

Now the hanging pendants were another saga, which had me searching up and down for what I had in mind. I wanted fabric shades so that in the event that our tectonic plates decide to boogy, I’m not scared of glass slamming into our walls and shattering. But I didn’t want white, which I felt would be too stark against the wallpaper. I really wanted a patterned pleated shade AND DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS TO FIND? Especially when you aren’t able to spend $500+ per pendant? Impossible.

So I ended up making them myself – I found normal shades in a size I liked, fabric in a pattern I liked, and ordered four or five different hanging light kits off Amazon until I found one that worked with the shades I had. I then cut strips of bias tape from the fabric and spent a few hours gluing them onto the shades while I rewatched episodes of The Vampire Diaries – a very problematic show about teenage vampires that models extremely toxic relationship patterns and is wholly addicting.

My dad straight up said I had gone a little too far over the edge with this design choice when he helped me install them – and he’s helped me pull off most of my crazy ideas. So if you’re not into the extreme pattern on extreme pattern I promise you’re not alone. I followed up the pattern on pattern by hanging a tiny piece of art with more pattern in it that is completely embroidered. It’s on Macauley’s side of the bed, and he has feelings about it. They aren’t as positive as mine.

At this point, some of you may be saying “this is the most batsh*t bedroom I’ve ever seen, how does one get a single minute of peaceful sleep in here?” On the other hand, hopefully, a few of you are saying “I like someone who decorates their bedroom like it’s an extreme sport but also she’s a Victorian ghost.” But collectively you’re all probably wondering “…but where is the baby stuff?” We’ve decided to have none of it – if our child can’t survive on design alone, he isn’t meant for this world anyway.

This is a lie – we do have plenty of baby stuff. And maybe I’ll even show you some of it later in the post. But one thing we do have that is both baby-minded and aesthetically pleasing is our rocking chair.

Glider | Side Table | Storage Ottoman

This piece of furniture brings me nothing but absolute joy – it’s a Facebook Marketplace find from my first trimester (that time when you’re supposedly pregnant but there’s zero physical proof and you’re just looking for ways to validate yourself). This blessed mama was selling her gently used Pottery Barn glider for only $180 (for the chair AND ottoman)!!!!!!! I drove out to Riverside for this thing. The best part about it is that it’s all slipcovered. So I sourced a fabric I loved, found an upholsterer I could afford, shipped them the original slipcover and the new fabric, and had custom slipcovers made. It’s probably the fanciest thing I’ve ever done, and now when baby spits up all over this thing, I can toss one set of slipcovers in the washer and pop the others on. 

I already spend a lot of time in this chair, it’s wildly comfortable. I’m typing this post as I sit in it right now, with a cat sleeping behind my head. Dreams really do come true.


Right next door, we added this giant standing mirror from Article. We decided that despite having one full-length mirror in our closet, having a second one so Macauley and I didn’t kill each other trying to both get ready at the same time didn’t sound like such a bad idea. And it kinda looks like its own giant piece of art.

While we’re here I’ll also address the window treatments. The Roman shades we had were amazing, but the color didn’t really fit with the overall vibe of the new room. Surprisingly, Macauley was super into the idea of these ready-made bamboo blinds (thanks Caitlin for the idea), because they let in really beautiful soft light. I like the fact that they bring in texture and warmth. But we also knew we needed to be able to really bring down the brightness in the room for future baby/parent napping. So we also hung up these blackout curtains from Target. They have a few really beautiful colors, they look like good heavy cotton or linen, and they truly are blackout. The only downside was they didn’t have a good hanging option, so I once again broke out my DIY fingers, and sewed in pintab tape on the back so that they could be hung from curtain rings. I think this really elevates them, and only took a few hours of work.

This might be my favorite photo from the entire shoot – it features the wallpaper, our perfect new rug (which is so soft and so affordable), a peek into our updated bathroom (which is color coordinated to the little flowers on the bedroom wallpaper), and a replica painting of a renaissance cat wearing a ruffle collar that Bowser bought me as a birthday present from the Long Beach flea market because I was too stupid to buy it for myself (I can’t believe I almost walked away from that piece). This photo embodies all the tones, patterns, and warmth I wanted this room to have from the start.

In case you’re curious, here’s a peek at the updated bathroom. You can go see what it originally looked like here, but suffice to say I was craving something warmer. Now it feels like it really flows into the bedroom, and I really appreciate that the paint color doesn’t look like unfinished drywall. I’ve always regretted not going with brass fixtures in here, and at least the warm dusty pink gives it a little bit of a softer feel, and takes the whole space even a few degrees further away from “modern.” I WILL HAVE NO MODERNITY.

Dresser (vintage) | Lamp | Vase

We were able to keep our favorite Rose Bowl find in the room – our $300 solid wood dresser that would never be findable nor affordable nowadays. And thanks to our Article under bed storage, we were able to empty out a drawer in this dresser for baby clothes. We topped the dresser with a fun bead lamp from Soho Home, and a tiny oil painting on a tiny easel. Obviously. That lamp is easily accessible for soft lighting when needed during night feeds or future book readings. 

Lastly, I swear I did not paint the TV room and the bedroom the same color – they’re sisters, not twins. But it does create a nice pathway throughout the whole back half of the house. You can peek at our new Article pullout sofa in the TV room, all ready for grandma sleepovers. It’s not the luscious velvet of our old sofa, but it’s just as pretty and far more practical for this stage of our life.

You can also spot our newest (soon to be second newest) addition – Shrimp! Her name is actually Lenin’s Tomb (any Clerks fans out there?…anyone??), but she responds to Lenin, Lenny, Shrimp, or any loud angry clapping while yelling the word “NO!” We found her living in the hood of my car back in May, at 8 weeks old with a majorly infected leg. And we thought, you know what sounds like the most reasonable decision in the world? Adding a third cat to our family as we get ready to add a newborn, and also spending $1500 at the vet on said new cat immediately. But she’s worth it – she’s the most loving, talkative, cuddly girl in the world.

Alright, let’s get into some before and afters!

And because I am benevolent, as promised, here are a few photos of what the room looks like on a normal day. I took these on my phone and I didn’t even make the bed…

We’ve got the rolling baby changing cart filled with all the baby accouterments. 

My nightstand basket of medications, snacks, and tissues, along with a Hatch Baby (a very nice gift from a family member). And a bed filled with my six different pillows I currently need to sleep mildly good.

And over here we’ve got a rocking chair with the Boppy, a very sentimental quilt that looks like it has SEEN things, armrest covers (mostly to protect it from my cats), and my feeding/pumping rolling station – also filled with snacks. 

That’s the reality folks. It’s not too bad, but I’m sure it will get worse! Until then, let’s remember her like this…

*Design and Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp
** Styled by Emily Bowser

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4 days ago

So beautiful and elegant. And I love the charming real-life moments. The mobile phone pictures are the best! 
How come you haven’t fitted blackout blinds for the overhead window too?

4 days ago

What a beautiful room! I’m usually not a fan of that much pattern but you did it so well. It looks amazing. Congratulations and best wishes for your new baby!!!

Jen A
4 days ago
Reply to  Kerri

Agree! Sometimes it can feel really “loud” but Sarah you have somehow managed to put in all of this pattern and still create a space that feels calm and soothing. Well done! Fabulous.

4 days ago

Yes! As a fellow Victorian ghost I absolutely love the pattern-on-pattern, and the bathroom wall color is amazing. Perfection!

4 days ago

Sara, give me all the cozy moody bedroom
vibes. I love this bedroom so much and just ordered a sample of that wallpaper for our powder room. I have a feeling you will love those middle of the night cuddle sessions with your little one. It’s just so soothing and perfect. Your TV room has been one of my fave rooms for years – l

4 days ago

oops, hit post before I finished commenting. Love your style so much.

Lauren H
4 days ago

Congratulations on the new baby!! The room is lovely. I am also so inspired by Heidi Callier, although my personal home style is much more minimal. I have that bed and love it; great choice. And the impact that color has on the bathroom is amazing. The best iteration yet!

Roberta Davis
4 days ago
Reply to  Lauren H

I love Heidi Caillier’s work, too! But I also would not do so much pattern in my house.

3 days ago
Reply to  Lauren H

Dying to know the name of the color in the bathroom and on your trim! Apologies if I missed it somewhere!!

The Kitten Abides
3 days ago
Reply to  Kate

And also the paint color of the bedroom, please!!!

4 days ago

Congrats Sara! Laughing forever at the extreme sports Victorian ghost comment, haha. As someone who just bought a Victorian house and has an antique marble statue sitting on a neon acrylic plinth, I feel ya! It can be a hard thing initially to figure out exactly how to marry modern and old-timey sensibilities, but you’ve been around EHD long enough that it’s clearly second nature! I personally don’t love this much pattern mixing ( and when I do, I often referred back to Emily’s how to mix pattern videos from waaaay back when, as they were super useful visual references for me and pals decorating) but I totally see a ton of this pattern-on-pattern style in really high end interior designers (like Mark Sikes, Markham Roberts, stuff that lends more traditional just like you were going for), so obviously you’re doing something right, ya know? Even if some of the dudes in your life can’t quite embrace the vision yet, haha. BTW I am very sorry to disclose this to you, but when baby gets bigger you’re gonna have to mount that mirror despite the terrifying prospect of punching holes in wallpaper! (OR temporarily move it to another room.) But… Read more »

4 days ago

Congratulations on a beautiful room– and new one!

emily jane
4 days ago

I love absolutely everything -EVERYTHING!- about this utterly sublime -SUBLIME!- post. <3 <3 <3
The design, the images, the journey thru all the iterations of the room, the room (I mean, Gah..!), each & every detail (down to the tiny oil painting on a tiny easel -because yes, Obviously!), the space as styled by Bowser, the peeks at the connecting rooms, the writing, the inclusion of the DIYs, the fancy slip cover anecdote, the introduction to Shrimp, the daytime/’living in’ views -aaaaaand, the BIG news (or little as he will most likely be ; )!
A heartfelt congratulations to you both!
PS. Whaaaaaaat -a rolling baby changing station.!? Sublime : )

4 days ago

I am not a pattern person. Buuuutttt, this is the most stunning design that I have ever seen. I am blown away by your deft hand in perfectly managing so many patterns and colors. They are all spot on, just incredible. Truly shows what an unbelievable talent you have. Perfect, perfect, perfect

4 days ago

This was so much fun to read! And, while it’s not my style preference, I LOVE that it’s different from so much of what we’re seeing these days. It’s got character! So glad you really went for it!

4 days ago

I like someone who decorates their bedroom like it’s an extreme sport but also she’s a Victorian ghost. And I love the lamp shades. Congratulations on your sweet boy.

Mary Rachel
4 days ago

Incredible job, Sara! This is now my dream cozy bedroom. 🙂 It has so much warmth and depth; I love the pattern on pattern. You’ve inspired me to try and tackle my neutral but not really cozy bedroom.

4 days ago

Congrats on the new baby! I’m of the same mindset as your dad, but you designed this room beautifully. Absolutely gorgeous and magazine worthy. I love how the bathroom compliments the bedroom so perfectly but, at the same time, has a completely different vibe.

4 days ago

i love it, this look is awesome.

4 days ago

I would love to see a tutorial on how you made the lampshades! Everything is gorgeous.

4 days ago

Just wanted to note how much I APPRECIATE the iPhone pics! In instagram world you compare your place to beautifully shot places, but it’s so lovely to see a lovely room without perfect lighting/expensive cameras! I’d love for EHD to do more of that!

4 days ago

It’s gorgeous and I love how the whole home is coming together. Wishing you well with all things baby!!

4 days ago

wow, this is perfection! i’ve been having decision fatigue in my new home, and i may just copy this bedroom to make it easier for myself. I love every bit of it. can you explain (if baby hasn’t already come and you have a moment) what you mean by using pintab tape on the curtains? sounds like a useful hack for the future. enjoy this beautiful room!

Jen A
3 days ago
Reply to  Amanda

Here’s a tutorial that explains it pretty well. It actually does make your curtains hang better and look more high end! There are different variations of this, here is one just from a quick google search. How to Add a Pinch Pleat on Store Bought Curtains | Thrifty Decor Chick | Thrifty DIY, Decor and Organizing

3 days ago
Reply to  Jen A

Thanks so much Jen!

Molly Phillips
4 days ago

I love it, Sara! I wish I had the guts to do that much pattern-on-pattern. Can you tell us the colors of the paints you used for both the trim and the bathroom? Best wishes for your expanding family!

3 days ago
Reply to  Molly Phillips

I think she said the bedroom trim was customized to work with the wallpaper, but I am wondering the same thing about the bathroom color.

Roberta Davis
4 days ago

Love it! I think dark, moody rooms R U! Good luck with everything that’s coming at you two very soon!

🥰 Rusty
4 days ago

SARA!!! Had to do that; it’s been too long!🤗
It’s such a beautiful cocoon for both parents and new baby boy, soon to arrive. Yes, I guessed (as you know, I got reasonably slammed for it) and I’m sooo happy for you two. 💕
Shrimp is adorable and what good, kind humans you are to embrace Lenin, hsnd-xlapping, Shrimp, et al.
I lurve the renaissance cat picture!!! Such a cool and quirky detail!
It’s gonna be exciting, exhausting, hard and undeniably fulfiling.
I wish you all a safe, smooth journey into parenthood as a damily of 6!!!!!!!

4 days ago

One funny thing about new parenting is that we don’t know what’s going to work for the baby and the new parents — Will Mac end up sleeping in the couch with Sara and baby in the bed? Will the baby only sleep in his own crib? Will the baby hate rocking with a passion and require you to find some other contraption to sit in? Will the new parents be so “drunk” from exhaustion that they have to move a small refrigerator next to the bed to keep Mom hydrated? Will a neighbor move in behind the house and play Bad Bunny all night every night, forcing everyone to temporarily sleep in the front?

It’s a crazy ride, y’all. Hang in there.

4 days ago

Congratulations! My kids are turning 18 and 21 in the next few weeks, which prompted the reflection that their arrivals are the most joyous and meaningful events of my life. It’s a slow motion disaster and a postgraduate fellowship in the practice of unconditional love. I’m so excited for you!

4 days ago

This is beautiful! Dark bedrooms make sense to me- I painted my bedroom walls and ceiling dark blue (heavily influenced by your TV room) – and it feels so cozy at night. Much more peaceful than when it was a lighter colour. I would love to hear more about the travel and see a few more photos! They look like such good design inspiration.

4 days ago

Dude this is GOOD.

3 days ago

Congratulations on your new baby! Love that wallpaper!

3 days ago

Many CONGRATULATIONS!!! In prioritizing what you need from your bedroom, your baby will also benefit. It’s a gorgeous room that whispers an invitation to get cozy and feel secure. Thanks for sharing! I love all of your home content, Sara. I don’t expect that you have time to reply, but if you or anyone else could share where the ceiling light is from, I’d sure appreciate it.

3 days ago
Reply to  K

It looks like it was the Opal Glass Atersken from Ikea.

Mary B.
3 days ago

This moody bedroom feels like a warm hug. All of the different patterns and layers are really working in here. This will be a lovely space to cuddle up with your newest little love. Congratulations!

Cris S.
3 days ago
  1. I love this so so much. I love pattern on pattern, but in the clean way you’ve done it. If you are a competitive sporting Victorian ghost, then I would classify myself as a down on my luck British dowager who had to move all her fancy old stuff into a much smaller cottage when her daughter in law kicked her out of her entailed manor house. You’ve really hit the whole thing out of the park! Once I’m done with this comment I’m going to check and see if you also did the lovely wallpapered closet and matching trim paint from this site that I remember so well.
  2. Congratulations on your new/soon to be arrival! What a wonderful and special thing.
  3. I also wonder (like Linda in the comments) on whether you have something to block the light in the narrow, wide window at the top of your bed?
  4. Hang not only the mirror, but have your furniture and tvs strapped to the wall so nothing comes tumbling down once your toddler starts pulling up on everything. Again – congrats!
3 days ago

OBSESSED. Also this is more or less the vibe I’ll be going for in my bedroom and I’m thrilled I can take this post to my husband as evidence that we should prioritize our room over the nursery (I’m due in March). Also 100% agree with this sentiment and committing it to memory: “if our child can’t survive on design alone, he isn’t meant for this world anyway.”

3 days ago

OMG I am obsessed with this jewel box of a room! The mix of prints, deep saturated colors and textures is amazing.

3 days ago

Bellissima!! So beautiful Sara, an absolute cozy jewel box!
The wallpaper, the colors, the textures…the Cat in a Renaissance Ruff!!!!!
I love it all, well done….Brava, Brava, Brava!!

3 days ago
Reply to  Deborah

So excited I forgot to say Congratulations on your expanding family!
A new bambino and kitty! 🙂

3 days ago

I adore you, Sara! Thanks for the “reality” shots. Those were awesome.
This room is STUNNING. So cozy and full of soul. I’m glad you got the decor where you wanted it, especially before the baby arrives. Congratulations to you and Mac! Wishing you both full nights of sleep as soon as possible.

3 days ago

Beautiful bedroom!! Sweetest story about the kitten and congratulations on your new addition to the family!!

3 days ago

Great reveal! Thank you for sharing and keeping design interesting. And…. SHRIMP!

3 days ago

It looks very pretty and cozy, and I love that you shared the real life version at the end. Congratulations on the baby, and soak it up as much as possible.

3 days ago

SO MUCH GOODNESSSSSS!!! Loved loved loved this post. First, CONGRATS about the baby! I love that you took care of making this space lovely because it’s true that they don’t use their own room for a while (is the TV room going to be converted to his room afterwards?

The design, oh my god. Like many said, I wouldn’t say this is my style at all, but now I need it so much. My bedroom gets A LOT of natural light, but given the majority of the use is at night, I now want to make it cozier and more inviting to rest/sleep. Never considered a pattern or wallpaper, but now I sure am! Loved this pattern, given it’s small enough so it’s not so overwhelming. And the painting of the cat it’s just perfect. Perfect.

I laughed at the bathroom going back to pink… that room certainly WANTED that color!

3 days ago

Can you do a post on making the lampshades?!?!?

3 days ago

This post made me so emotional! We are entering the possibly-having-babies-soon stage and I love how you created this warm and wonderful little cocoon for yourselves!

3 days ago

The realness! the perfect rocker! I love everything about this room and this post! Thanks for sharing and congrats!!

3 days ago

This room is absolutely beautiful Sara! I’m so invested in your house, so I was so happy to see an update today. All the best with your new baby, if the Boppy doesn’t give you enough support try out the My Breast Friend nursing pillow. It’s much more supportive IMO.

3 days ago

I LOVE this and admire your recognition and adherence to your own style. I want to be like you someday! Best of luck as you transition to Mom life!

3 days ago

I want to live in this space; absolutely gorgeous. So happy you have a space that feels so good as you enter this new stage of life!

3 days ago

I love everything about this room. I love the colors, the wallpaper, the bed, curtains, etc. Congratulations on your baby!

3 days ago

Beautiful room – and congratulations on your new baby! Hope you’re cuddling/healing in your cozy new space.

3 days ago

Love it. Give me all the pattern. I love dark bedrooms, too. I never understood wanting white on bedroom walls; like, we’re supposed to sleep in there, right? Congrats on the beautiful space and growing family.

3 days ago

did you make the arm cover / protectors on the chair?? Or source them from somewhere? I’ve been looking for some and they are almost impossible to find!

3 days ago

This whole post was wonderful. Funny, your totally-own-style room with excellent blend of patterns, and babies and cats. Good luck! It’s about to crazy and amazing.

3 days ago

Sara this is STUNNING!!! What a gorgeous, cozy spot for those night feedings you’re about to embark on 🙂 Love all the textures, pattern and colors and the way it connects to the bathroom and lounge are just chef’s kiss perfect! Brava!

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